Fowler In The Field

October 16, 2009

A little collage of field recordings made by myself down in cornwall. A bit of sidestep from the usual mixes here but thought I’d put it as a bit of fresh air before Cherrystones and myself prepare ourselves for the next show. Coming soon…

Scoop it up



Pete Fowler Podcast 15

October 4, 2009

March 25th 2009

Thought I’d upload this 30 minute mix I put together earlier this year for a free download. It comprises of tracks from my Monsterism CD on Lo Recordings, various sprinklings of library, Radiophonic, field recordings and home made sounds. A tip of the hat to all Monsterism CD contributors plus Bernard Fevre, Daphne Oram, John Baker, Chris Watson and Eno. Go and buy their music!




Pete Fowler Podcast 14

October 4, 2009

Friday, 27 March 2009

Going solo on this 45min mix  called ‘Midnight Matte’-recorded live past the witching hour. No talking on this one and no track list but check the accompanying image for the records spun. Investigate and enjoy.



midnight matte

DJ Cherrystones & Pete Fowler Podcast 13

October 4, 2009

Monday, 22 December 2008

The final installment to 2008’s podcast series finds Mr Cherrystones and myself fine tuning our laptop selections for your audio enjoyment. Before you vinyl lovers get the hump, it’s just a way for us to have more music at our fingertips rather than filling 3 record bags and climbing the fearsome stairs to the nest, we’re not getting any younger you know!

The sessions will morph into a more sophisticated/twisticated form in the new year as we plug in more gizmos to the chain and set our sails into the cosmic tradewinds. A phone call from Cherry kicks this jam sandwich into action and boy, did we have fun! Have a great Chrimble and new year and we’ll be back in 2000+9 will more jams, guests and tune digging.



DJ Cherrystones & Pete Fowler Podcast 12

October 4, 2009

Cherrystones has flown back up to the nest and this time round we’re doing it a little differently. Not playing vinyl but running the sounds from dual steam powered laptops. Still in the early stages here so please excuse any hiccups and whoopsies, we’ll get it locked as we proceed with the sessions. A wee bit of a problem with a disc write ends the session early so apologies for the lack of a track list for the last few tunes. Damn technology, we will overcome!




DJ Cherrystones & Pete Fowler Podcast 11

October 4, 2009

Friday, 28 November 2008

Flying solo on this mission (with a cheap karaoke microphone!) so just a hello and goodbye, with more music packed into the hour. I’m putting the track listing below for the first time by request from listeners, so enjoy the mix and go out and buy the music you like. Support your local record shops!

I’m be teaming up with Mr Cherrystones for the next one as usual, hopefully in the run up to christmas. Stay tuned.

All the beast and enjoy,


Arrogance- We Live To Play

The Rattles- Devil’s Son

Coryell- Sex

Wooden Shjips- Vampire Blues

Kinski- Master Of The Universe

Time And Space Machine- Zeitghost

Terry Durham- Crystal Telephone

Dana Westover- Beginning

Fleetwood Mac- Over And Over

Roscoe Holcomb- Charles Guita

Circulus- La Rotta

Camper Van Beethoven- Stairway To Heaven

La Dusseldorf- Rheinita

My Bloody Valentine- Swallow

Burzum- Dunkelheit

Mark Fry- The Witch

David Crosby- Traction In The Rain

Timebox- Gone Is The Sad Man


DJ Cherrystones & Pete Fowler Podcast 9

October 4, 2009

Thursday, 6 December 2007

A pure ‘late night’ session here, rolling with the variety express to dusty town.

Through a brandy glass darkly, that’s how we likes it. Right, so press play and lets see what’s ‘appening.

G & P


DJ Cherrystones & Pete Fowler Podcast 8

October 4, 2009

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Cold nights, hmmm!  Where’s summer? Did it arrive? Sore throat? Yes, have some lemon and honey or just a lemon whisky sour. The chicken soup is super, so were the jams, not ones on toast-the type on the turntable. Pete looked anxious for less than a minus zero millisecond, then the music swept us out of our allocated October wet wash. Outside it’s grey, inside it’s multi coloured, textures upon textures rocking against the sound boards. So what is with the hip hop? Well, roots I guess, the same door that opened a million minds to a million different ideas and options, no snobbery here. If you have to explain then the arrow has already missed the target, the best thing you can do is just feel the music and let it massage your inner psyche. Many a good word and sound falls on deaf ears, we hope you enjoy our collective constructions. Get a sledgehammer and de-construct what you will, THANKS for glistening



DJ Cherrystones & Pete Fowler Podcast 7

October 4, 2009

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Welcome to our seventh installment of Transmissions from Monsterism Island. Get yourself comfy and slip into the purr specks bubble. We only run through half of the tracks to allow for more music so if your interested in any of the tunes please mail the nest HQ!


Ok,we are on and mean it, those tired of the chit chat talk amongst yourselves! We do and enjoy it! The verbals just serve a purpose as to engage and to let you know what we are enjoying a double bubble knowledge throwback. The format is this- we drop three tracks each, any genre and drink a whole lot of bruv’ in each rotational journey, both having a similar soft spot for liqours- Brandy & Pear Vodka. These enable our mixing skills in measures and on the turntables? Ha,who gives a hoot about the blends, this is just fun- a casual transmission to those who want to swerve mediocrity (well as far as rules go). Transmissions from the Nest is aimed at highlighting lost classics, un-sung heroes, new good shit and generally things we dig- so enjoy! This is not a lecture more of a musical jigsaw stitched together by audio mayhem and digital dialects, nice phonetics? Anyhow to cut a short story long, if you like this- good, more info can be sourced at our myspace sites. Mail us there with feedback or here or where ever you fancy, all the best and stay tuned…

Godsy (Cherrystones)


DJ Cherrystones & Pete Fowler Podcast 6

October 4, 2009

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

We delve into our collections and come back with mouths full of singer songwriter goodness. New and old, blissed and ragged are they….This seemed to be a very popular selection amongst our appreciated streamers, grass roots stuff mixed with modern bards /beards? All songsmiths hammering out the heart felt melodies and stories on their musical anvils!